Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing Flash (.swf) Files in the SharePoint

Hello All,

actually I was trying my hands on the playing the animated images on the sharepoint web pages and was successful to show animated .gif files on web page.

so , I was thinking to play some more animations on the sharepoint site without use of any other custom web part.
what all I wanted was to play the flash file on sharepoint site without using video and other webparts.

so we can do this by using very useful webpart in sharepoint that is Content Editor Webpart.

what all you need to do is:

Upload the flash video file to the any document Library of the website open video file from document library and copy url.

1. open your page in the edit mode
2. add the content editor webpart on page

3. click on modify shared properties of the content editor webpart

4. open the tool pane and open source editor

5. write this code inside the source editor and you are done!!

<object width="1000" height="100">
<embed src="url to .swf file="1000" height="100"></embed>

(you can adjust height and width of the flash accordingly)

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