Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unable to Play Flash in SharePoint 2010 Error

While working with SharePoint 2010, one issue came into picture was like I was not able to play flash animation files (.swf) in SP 2010 environment directly. This was not the case when we work with SharePoint 2007.
We can use swfobject.embed script to play flash directly in SharePoint 2007, but when same is done in SharePoint 2010 then flash does not get displayed at all.. Why??
After some search on google / bing I came to know that this is something related with security and so SharePoint blocks some files
So to solve this and put more focus on the settings what you are doing I would like to put this in summary
Very first thing you should check that you have referred the main jQuery file or not? (you can check, in your custom master page or page layout or custom control)
 Because after discussing with a designer I came to know that swf object works with jQuery main file dependency
Then second thing to be verified and important
Go to central administration > click on Manage Web Applications > select your web application and select General Settings from ribbon
In browser file handling section there are two radio buttons..
  1. Strict : when this option is selected then SharePoint prevents automatic the execution of files which content creators upload
When we try to see the HttpResponce of the web page which has flash on it with this option selected then we get something like this

  1. Permissive : when this option is selected then SharePoint allows automatic download and execution of files
And If we try to see HttpResponce of page having flash with these settings then we get like this

This is it.. This worked for me at least J
I hope this helps someone and you are able to see flash animation to your SharePoint 2010 site now

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